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XI Reunión del GEP

“Sequence Analysis of Glycolide and p-Dioxanone Low Molecular Weight Copolymers”
A.Rodríguez-Galán, L. Franco, J. Puiggalí
“Crystallization studies on a Biodegradable Segmented Copolymer Constituted by Glycolide and Trimethylene Carbonate Units”
E. Díaz-Celorio, L. Franco, A. Rodríguez-Galán, M. T. Casas, J. Puiggalí
“Poly(4-hydroxybutyric acid-alt-glycolic acid): Study on the Crystalline Structure and Morphology.
M. Martínez-Palau, L. Franco, M. T. Casas, C. Alemán, J. Puiggalí